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I grew up sitting on my Grandfather’s knee and knew the old Testament Bible stories very well before the age of 5.  Combined with a strong Evangelical Christian heritage on both sides of my family I was very ready and eager to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ at a summer camp when I was 7 years old.  My faith and relationship with God flourished through high school with a strong youth group probably peaking at a one year Bible College program at Capernwray in Sweden.  University, marriage, finance career and children over the ensuing 20 years were both wonderful years but also a spiritually distracted period.  I can recall a time in my late 30’s where I felt I was being paid far more than I was worth, had been blessed with an amazing family and yet I felt unsettled, discontent and inwardly troubled.  Shortly thereafter a number of circumstances drew me back to God and at the same time completely removing my financial safety net and career.  During this time, I was badgered by a Pastor into reading the entire Bible cover to cover.  Begrudgingly I did and unexpectedly, it moved me in an indescribable way.  I ended up reading the Bible cover to cover 3 times over about a year and a half.  Bible stories changed from moral stories to an all encompassing love story from God powerfully communicating the fuller meaning of Amazing Grace.   Within a few years I found myself with a much stronger faith and relationship with God and no career to speak of and yet strangely more peace than ever.  I find myself on a very different life path.  One that I would not have sought out.  Yet I find myself blessed with a partnership in a flourishing seasonal business with my son and more time to volunteer at Church and a peace that surpasses my understanding which I have learned is far more valuable than anything the world has to offer.