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I grew up in a non-Christian home with a mother and father who cared for and provided for me to the best of their abilities. From an earthly perspective, I was lacking in nothing. As far as morality was concerned, an emphasis was placed on having good morals and being a productive member of society. For this I am incredibly thankful and grateful to my parents.

When confronted with thoughts of my own mortality, I managed to convince myself that if God were to judge me, He would grade me on a curve and I would be found having a righteousness of my own that would be acceptable in His sight. (Jer.17:9; Phil. 3:9)

When I entered college, I began to understand that a set of morals defined by man was subjective, at best, and carried no authority. From that point on I set out to find a set of morals grounded in authority that I could begin to base my life upon. (Rom 3:11)

From attending Catholic Mass with my roommates to trying to meet girls at a Mormon “bible” study, I soon began to see the vanity in my quest for religious morality, to quote the Irish rock band U2, I echoed “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”. (Ecc. 1:14)

While out with some friends on the weekend, I met a girl who attended the Alliance church by the university. I began attending regularly and ended up asking the same girl (my beloved wife Laurelle) to attend a basics of the faith class that the church was offering.

The class did a great job explaining not only the basic tenants of Christianity but as well the historic, prophetic and scientific reliabilities of the Bible. While I began to develop a sense of appreciation for the authority of the scriptures, my heart remained unchanged and I remained dead in my sins. (Eph. 4:18; John 9:41)

During one of the last classes offered at the church, several Christians who had been saved over the past few years came and bore testimony of Christ and His gospel. It was during this time that God opened my eyes, granted me repentance and created in me a new heart. All praise, honour and glory be to His name forever and ever for saving a wretch like me for His namesake. (Eze 36:26; Jer.24:7; Rev.7:12; Ps.106:8)