The story of Redemption Church is a story of God’s grace and faithfulness to build His church. All glory and honor are due to Him who is so faithful!

Planting Seeds:

In January, 2006 Trevor and Heather Peacock and their two girls moved to Los Angeles for Trevor to pursue a Masters of Divinity at The Masters Seminary. Trevor had 10 years ministry experience, but believed that God was leading him to pursue further education. While in seminary, God began to burden Trevor’s heart for the church in Canada. In addition to that, he was introduced to Harvest Bible Fellowship. God brought those things together and in spring of 2009 Trevor was accepted into the Harvest Training Center with the intention of planting a Harvest church in Calgary.

Trevor and his family moved to Chicago in August of 2009 to attend the training center. In October, 2009 the first official meeting was held to cast the dream of planting a Harvest Bible Chapel in Calgary. Over 30 people attended that first meeting and 18 said that they wanted to be a part of planting a church in Calgary.

Over the next 6 months God continued to grow the core group and in May of 2010 Trevor and his family moved back from Chicago to begin the final stages of preparing to plant. From May of 2010 until September God continued to grow our core group as we learned together from God’s Word what He desires His church to look like. We prayed together, we planned together and we grew in our love for one another as we anticipated our launch date.


On September 19, 2010 God graciously allowed us to launch Harvest Bible Chapel Calgary! It was the 9th church plant of HBF in Canada. It was a great celebration as we worshiped together and remembered from Matthew 16:18 that it is the Lord who builds His church.

Early Days:

Our goal in our first year was to begin to identify those whom God had called to be elders in our church. Through a lengthy process elders were identified and trained. On December 4, 2011 four elders were installed to share the responsibility of shepherding God’s people with our Senior Pastor.

Redemption Church:

In June 2017, Harvest Bible Fellowship dissolved and the Great Commission Collective , a church planting fellowship was formed. In October 2017, we joined the GCC and in September 2018 we officially changed our name to Redemption Church.